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Adjusting MS SQL configuration in multiple SQL Server environment (HA)
Posted by Rami Taipale (M-Files) on 28 June 2019 03:51 PM

1     Overview

When using Microsoft SQL Server as the Database Engine the basic setup is that you have one M-Files Application Server and one instance of Microsoft SQL Server as a database. Administrator credentials are configured manually and by default M-Files Server creates the basic user credentials itself. That basic user is automatically created (again) every time that the Vault goes Online if the "Use an automatically generated login" is enabled in the Vault's Microsoft SQL Server configuration.

In some situations, it's reasonable to have multiple SQL Servers to gain fault tolerance and High Availability. If basic user is created automatically, that user's password can differ between these SQL Servers. For that reason, you might have e.g. "Login failed for user 'mfserver {GUID}'. Reason: Password did not match that for the login provided." or something similar in your M-Files Application Server or Microsoft SQL Server logs.

2     Solution

If you have one M-Files Application Server with multiple SQL Servers, you can create that basic user with a certain password yourself to all SQL Server instances. Server role "public" is enough for this account so do not add any other roles to it. You can alternatively put the M-Files Vault offline and change database account name 'mfserver {GUID}' and its password. In this case it's important to change the account name too because otherwise that account could be deleted when the Vault goes Online.

Then go to M-Files Admin > Document Vault Properties > Advanced > Define (Use Microsoft SQL Server) and change basic user credentials to the one you have just created or modified:

Default setting: Adjusted setting:


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