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How to Restore a Sample Vault
Posted by Harri Rantala (M-Files) on 28 June 2019 05:02 PM


A sample vault that comes with M-Files Server installation is a suitable playground for testing purposes. If the sample vault gets in the condition that you would like to start over, there is a fresh version of it in original condition available in the M-Files Server installation directory.

Restoring the Sample Vault

To restore the sample vault, do the following:

  • Open M-Files Admin.
  • In the left-side tree view, expand the desired connection to M-Files Server.
  • Still in the left-side tree view, select Document Vaults.
  • Click Restore Document Vault... on the task area.
  • In the Restore Document Vault dialog in the Full backup field, specify the location of the sample vault file in the M-Files Server installation folder:

C:\Program Files\M-Files\<version>\Server\sample\Sample Vault.mfb

  • Select Restore using original identity or Restore as a different vault (new identity) if you want to generate a new unique ID and to specify a new name for the vault.
  • Check the Overwrite existing files option check box.
  • In the Location for vault data on server field, specify the location where the data of the sample vault is saved.
  • Optionally Click Advanced... if you have defined a separate location for file data.
  • Click OK and disable listed features with the shown prompt.

See general information about restoring document vaults from the M-Files User guide page:

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