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Frequently Asked Questions
Issues with shadow copy based backup tools and M-Files
Posted by Lassi Lehtinen (M-Files) on 28 June 2019 05:08 PM

Last updated 28 June 2019

1     Overview

Since the release of M-Files 2018, it has been reported that various Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) based backup tools may fail to create backups when M-Files is installed.

2     Products and versions

Since M-Files 2018. First affected public release 12.0.6400.37.

3     Solution / workaround

If the issue occurs on a server system where M-Files Desktop software isn't necessarily needed, then simply uninstalling M-Files Desktop will help to avoid this issue.

Starting from M-Files January 2019 Update (version 19.1), following solution is available too.

  1. Add the following value in Windows registry:



  1. On an elevated command prompt, run 'MFClient.exe -service' to re-register M-Files Client service.
  2. Reboot the system.

After this, M-Files drive type will be 'RAM Disk'. To check it, right-click M-Files drive letter in Windows File Explorer and select 'Properties'.

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