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How to Force Metadata Card Position
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 01 July 2019 09:02 AM

1     Overview

It is possible to force the metadata card to be always displayed on the right side of the M-Files user interface. This is useful, because many metadata card configurations are only applied when the metadata card is in this position; they are not applied when the metadata card is moved to the bottom. Object history window, for example, shows the metadata card on the bottom by default and the following setting changes this behavior.

2     Solution

Add the following setting to the vault's named value storage configuration of the M-Files server computer with Named Value Manager tool. You can find the latest version of the tool here:

Storage type: MFConfigurationValue
Namespace: M-Files.Core.Client.Settings

Named value key: MetaDataPositionOverride
Value: { "MFShell": { "MetaDataPositionOverride": { "DoNotShowMetadataInBottomPane": 1 } } }


You can also add a metadata card configuration rule in M-Files Admin tool to hide the metadata card position toggle button on M-Files Desktop user interface. You can leave the rule condition blank so it will be applied everywhere.

This is the configuration in M-Files 2018 and Online:


This is the metadata card configuration in M-Files 2015.x


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