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Frequently Asked Questions
M-Files Server Software Backup Procedures
Posted by Ramez Mohsene (M-Files) on 25 July 2019 08:36 PM

1     Overview

We cover how to backup vault databases in the following link here, however the purpose of this document is to go over options for M-Files Server software backup processes. In general, there is no true "software" backup for M-Files. The core of the content is in the vault databases, but they must match the version of M-Files Server from which they originated from. There are only a couple options here in case an upgrade were to fail or there should arise a need to backup and restore the software.

2     Option 1 (Best Solution)

Clone the server machine prior to the upgrade. If it is a true standalone server, then you can use disk imaging software to clone the disks so that it is a good snapshot of what the environment was prior to the upgrade. If it is a VM, then use the VM hosting technology to create a full snapshot of the system so that you can restore back to that point.

3     Option 2

Take full M-Files vault backups along with the Filedata backups. This is covered here. However, if the upgrade were to fail, your fall back is to completely remove M-Files from the system, and manually reinstall the original build, and restore the vaults back as if it were a new system, along with the extra environmental changes (such as SSO, web access, etc).

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