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MFStatus.exe is not running
Posted by Timo Lahti (M-Files) on 27 August 2019 12:21 PM


Version 1.0 | Last Updated 27 August 2019

1     Overview

In some cases, the M-Files helper program ‘MFStatus.exe” may stop and this can cause serious issues for this issued computer workability with M-Files document vault. In this article, we are aiming to help to solve such issue.

2     Impacted Products and Versions

M-Files Desktop, all versions

3     Symptoms

If MFStatus.exe stops running, you will experience, for example, not working M-Files Add-in in Office products, or that the files do not move between M-Files Server and M-Files Desktop.

Also, value lists may not show values of all parts.

The M logo from the Windows Explorer taskbar notification area disappears when you hover the mouse over it.

4     Cause and Reason

There are number of reasons why this would occur. Most likely this happens due to some workstation error. The occurrence is random, so it could be really difficult to diagnose this, as this could happen to someone once in a five year period, and to some other every other day. In some cases we have an idea of a 3rd party software that previously has caused the MFStatus.exe to shut down or even crash.

5     Solutions

Solution 1:

You need to manually start the program again in a simple operation:

Click Start, then write “mfstatus” to the search box. Select the 1st result from the list, “show status”. This will restart the program and the M-Files should work correctly again.

Solution 2:

Restart the workstation

Solution 3:

Re-install the M-Files Desktop client software on the computer.

 Solution 4:

Does the MFStatus.exe start when the user logs in?

If it doesn’t, the .exe might have been removed from startup.

Some antivirus programs tend to do this. Furthermore, some antivirus software might interfere with how M-Files works, so excluding M-Files program location (typically C:\Program Files\M-Files) in the antivirus software might also help.


If this does not resolve your issue, please contact M-Files Customer support ( for further help.




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