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Frequently Asked Questions
How to collect logs related to searches and facets
Posted by Mikko Punta (M-Files) on 30 August 2019 08:52 AM

1 Overview

In case you have issues with searches and/or facets, especially with IDOL search engine, there are specific logs that can be enabled to provide more information about the issue. Please repeat the issue with following registry keys set and send those logs to M-Files Support for further investigation. After the needed logs are gathered these registry keys can be set back to default values.

2 Solution

You can enable logs with these server-side registry settings:

By default the location of log files is %TEMP%\MFilesLogs. (In test environment: C:\Windows\Temp\MFilesLogs.)
Enabled and EnableVerboseLogging are set to 0 by default, change the values 1 to enable logging. No need to restart M-Files Server services.

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