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External object type logging (onwards from version 19.7.8028.4)
Posted by Mikko Punta (M-Files) on 24 September 2019 01:30 PM

1 Overview 

In case you have issues when refreshing external object type, you can enable logging for external object types to get more information about the problem. This can be done in M-Files Admin tools -> 'Advanced Vault Settings' -> 'Configurations' -> 'Connection to External Databases'. These settings are valid onwards from version 19.7.8028.4. In case you have older version, please check this article:

2 Solution

In M-Files Admin tools, select vault -> 'Configurations' ->  'Advanced Vault Settings' -> 'Configuration' -> 'Connection to External Databases', select Advanced-tab and add following JSON-code:
    "refreshLog": {
        "externalObjectTypeRefreshLogDir": "c:\\temp",
        "loggingEnabledForExternalObjectTypes": [161],
        "enableVerboseLoggingExternalObjectTypes": true

(loggingEnabledForExternalObjectTypes, this is the ID of external object type.)
Click 'Save'. Now check the Configuration-tab, it should look like this:

In case you still need help with the issue, please contact and attach the logs.
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