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Object-based hierarchical lists - known issues
Posted by Henri Huhtamäki (M-Files) on 27 September 2019 01:43 PM

1     Overview

M-Files version 19.8.8114.7 introduced a feature for creating object-based hierarchical lists. Some things are good to know / keep in mind when using this feature:

1.1      Speed of opening hierarchical lists

The deciding factor here is the number of items on the hierarchy level that is being opened, not the total amount of objects on the list. With thousands of objects on the opened level, the opening will last for several seconds.

The limitation is linked to how fast M-Files UI is in rendering the search results to be shown for the user. Thus, at least at the moment, this unfortunately cannot be affected.

1.2      Icon in front of list item indicating substructure

Hierarchical list items will have the icon in front of them even though they might not have substructure. This can be confusing for the user.

The reason for this is that each opening of a hierarchy level is a new search into the database. So, when a level is opened, there is no information about item substructure yet available. Opening item substructure triggers a new search and the results will be shown under the item

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