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Frequently Asked Questions
Balancing the network load caused by M-Files automatic updates
Posted by Harri Rantala (M-Files) on 30 September 2019 12:16 PM

1     Overview

M-Files is by default kept up to date with automatic updates. When a newer version of M-Files becomes available, the installation package is downloaded and made available for installation automatically. If there are considerable amount of M-Files Server and Desktop computers to be updated, downloading the installation packages can introduce load to the network.

2     Solution

It is not possible to define exact time for downloading installation packages, but there is a registry setting that can be used to define the maximum random added delay before the download. By increasing this value, you can help spreading the startup times of the downloads among the M-Files Server and Desktop computers.




Value name


Value type



The maximum value for the random delay (in other words sleeping) in seconds added to the beginning of the automatic updates poll-download-install cycle. The randomness establishes a crude form of load balancing in a network.

Default value


1 hour.

Valid value


No random added delay.


Maximum random added delay in seconds.


You can use Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in Windows for distributing registry settings to multiple computers.

Note that too large values may impact polling frequency of the update and this can limit a possibility for a user to postpone the installation.

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