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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are there no related documents available when going to an offline mode?
Posted by Harri Rantala (M-Files) on 30 September 2019 12:37 PM

1     Overview

It is possible to mark objects for offline use either by marking them directly or by selecting them with an offline filter. By default, downloading the related objects for offline mode is restricted for performance reasons, so it is possible that not all wanted documents are included for offline usage.

2     Solution

There is a registry setting for M-Files Desktop that defines how many levels of dependent documents will be downloaded into a local computer for offline usage. By default, this value is 0 so no dependencies are downloaded. Higher value dictates how many levels of dependent documents will be included. -1 means the level is not limited at all.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Motive\M-Files\<M-Files version>\Client\MFClient


Value name


Value type



Level of relation depth to be included for offline use.

Default value



Valid value


No dependent objects are included.

Positive number

Number of levels to be included.


Unlimited relation depth.


After setting the value, you must logout from M-Files Desktop and login again in order the setting to take effect.

Note that increasing this value may prolong the time of going to offline mode, especially if -1 is used. Also note that offline downloading only works with From-relationship, not with To-relationship of the objects.

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