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IDOL - Fix For Range Issue in Older IDOL 12 Installations
Posted by Kimmo Pyhältö (M-Files) on 30 September 2019 01:22 PM


Problem: Range-type searches or direct IDOL queries including RANGE operator will not give any results. These include even strict date searches like "Created is [date]" because RANGE has been used also in those queries.

Solution: Changes into Backend and Daily engine configurations and re-generation of the index. No full re-indexing is needed.

This document describes the steps to make the range-type searches work again.

NOTE! Using this document requires basic understanding of IDOL components and terminology

Keywords: IDOL 12, date, issue, fix


1. Verifying the issue

You can verify the issue by following MFAutonomyConsole query against DIH. The query is like advanced search in the client with empty free-text field and with "Created is 03/06/2019". It is a built-in property ID: 20. Check that the configuration file is right and change if necessary. Change dates for your needs. As seen from the query, it can also be used for actual range queries. If there are no any results, the issue likely because of this configuration glitch.

MFAutonomyConsole cfg=config_dah.txt a=rawquery text="(( 0MFOT0 ):MFMETA_OT AND ( 0MFOTN ):MFMETA_OT_FLAGS AND ( 0MFOTO ):MFMETA_OT_FLAGS)" fieldtext="RANGE{\"00:00:00 03/06/2019\",.}:MFMETA_PV20_DTTM_NATIVE AND RANGE{.,<\"00:00:00 04/06/2019\"}:MFMETA_PV20_DTTM_NATIVE" > rq.xml


2. Steps to make the range-type searches work again

The all steps below should be made into all backend engines and Daily.

1. Stop the engine service.

2. Make following changes into the engines .cfg file:

a. Add into [FieldProcessing] section:

[next number after the last in the list]=SetNumericDateFields

Example: 17=SetNumericDateFields

b. Add following lines after [SetParametricRangeFields] section:

[SetNumericDateFields] Property=NumericDateFields PropertyFieldCSVs=*/MFMETA_*_DTTM_NATIVE

c. Delete from [SetParametricRangeFields] section:


Example (delete the red section): */MFMETA_*_NMBR_NATIVE,*/MFMETA_*_DTTM_NATIVE

3. Start the engine.

4. This phase is needed only if you already have something in the index. Run DREREGENERATE for numeric and parametric fields against the engine. In the cluster, you can run this against DIH's index port so you only need two runs (DIH and Daily).

http://[engine IP address]:engine Index port/DREREGENERATE?Type=Numeric,NumericDate,Parametric






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