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IDOL - Finding Objects With More Than 2 ACL Components
Posted by Kimmo Pyhältö (M-Files) on 30 September 2019 01:43 PM

 Documents or other objects might have more than two ACL permission levels. Currently IDOL indexes only two ACL levels. More than two ACL levels might lead to the skewed result counts.
Sometimes the customer is unsure whether they have used more than two ACL levels in the documents or other objects after the indexing. This support article describes how to check whether some objects have more than two ACL levels.

Notice! The usage of this manual requires a basic knowledge of HPE IDOL, like terms DIH/DAH and engine.


1. Steps to find objects with more than two ACL levels

1. Create .idx files by opening the following URL in each engine. To ease the procedure, you can do the opening of the each engine URL from the frontend server.

http://[IP]:[IndexPort of the engine (ending with 1)]/DREEXPORTIDX?FileName=[name of the created file]&DatabaseMatch=[IDOL database name]


The created file is in the following folder:

IDOL 12.1: [HDD letter]:\IDOL12\bin\[engine name]\content and it is compressed as .gz e.g. E:\IDOL12\bin\PROD1-content-12000\content\ACL_Test20-0.idx.gz.
IDOL 10.9 [HDD letter]:\[engine name]\IDOLServer\IDOL\content and it is compressed as .gz e.g. F:\Single11\IDOLServer\IDOL\content\ACL_Test20.idx.gz.

In Daily engine, if you do not find the file it means that all index data from the Daily is flushed into the main index. Then you do not need that file.
Note. You can ease up the work by creating a following Power Shell script that runs every engine URL at once.

$navOpenInBackgroundTab = 0x1000;
$ie = new-object -com InternetExplorer.Application
$ie.Navigate2("", $navOpenInBackgroundTab);
...all the other engines...
$ie.Navigate2("", $navOpenInBackgroundTab);
$ie.Visible = $true;

2. Copy the files from each engine to the one location.

You can ease up the work by creating a following Power Shell script.

Copy-Item "E:\Single10\IDOLServer\IDOL\content\ACL_test10-0.idx.gz" -Destination "C:\temp\ACL"
...all the other engines in the particular backend server...
Copy-Item "I:\Single14\IDOLServer\IDOL\content\ACL_test14-0.idx.gz" -Destination "C:\temp\ACL"

3. Extract the files e.g. with 7-zip. After that, they are in .idx format.

4. Run ACL.ps1 in the .idx folder in dry, log and summary mode.

Example: .\ACL.ps1 -dry -log -summary

The result should be like this:

3221 objects read from 10 files

1 objects detected in 1 files

Any detected objects are those including more than two (2) ACL components.

If there are any objects with more than 2 ACL components, it is time to consider whether it is useful to start to reconfigure the system. It is good to remember that the issue is coming only in the number of documents, not in actual search results. So, check how many of those objects are in the vault? Modifying the index to handle more ACL components will require advanced configuration by M-Files staff and re-indexing the whole vault.

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