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HOWTO: Change items' sort order in value lists
Posted by Timo Lahti (M-Files) on 30 September 2019 04:05 PM

Version 1.0 | Last Updated 30 September 2019

1     Overview

This article describes of how to easily change items' sort order in value lists. In this example, we have a value list with items named so that there is a number in the beginning ("16_Device", "148_Part", "150_Tool", "162_Vehicle" …).  In the metadata card when selecting a property and opening the dropdown list where this value list is used user may expect that list items are sorted alphabetically. M-Files sorts the value list items character by character. It does not understand numbers in this context. The sorting goes like this "148_Part" -> "150_Tool" -> "16_Device" -> "162_Vehicle". This doesn't seem logical for an user since 16 should come before 148.

A value the M-Files compares has to be either equal or less to be displayed before another. Number are considered to be smaller than alphabets.

1 = 1

1 < 6 and

8 < (space)

4 < a

 Because all characters in "148" fill this criteria "148" is displayed before "16 ". With this logic the list is in order from M-Files point of view.

2     Solution

Value list items would need to have leading zeroes in the number because value list items are character strings.

So if the value list item "16_Device" is renamed to "016_Device" then it falls in to a logical place in the drop down menu"


3     Other Info

Please note also: Items displayed initially on the drop-down list include only the first 50 values retrieved from the data source. It is not guaranteed whether the list would include a specific range of items within those first 50 hits.

In practice the list could seem unordered until the full list of items is opened by the user - Therefore it may seem that items starting with "152" to "159" would be missing. However, you will still see these items listed if you first type at least a few matching characters - Such as "15" into the property field. Then each item containing "15" will be displayed.

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