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Frequently Asked Questions
M-Files to automatically set search scope to current view
Posted by Jukka Kartano (M-Files) on 13 December 2019 08:50 AM

When performing quick searches in M-Files by default the entire vault is searched no matter where you start typing the search. From M-Files 10.2 and onwards, you can set up a registry key that changes this behavior to automatically limit search to the current view. This functionality can be desirable to users that often need to perform searches from different views.

This is how the search works by default: If we are for example in a view Documents → By Customer → CBH International and make a quick search with search word "Project", the search may return more items that is in the view (the search is for the entire vault).


If we would like to search from the view we would need to select "View" from the right pane search filters manually.


If we want automatically to limit the search to the view the user is currently browsing it can done by setting the registry key DefaultSearchWithinThisFolder.    

This registry key is Client side and is set separately to each vault. No restart is required. Just set the key and open M-Files Desktop.

Registry Key:


Value name:


Value type:

REG_DWORD (DWORD 32-bit Value)

Value data:

1 (to enable) 0 (to disable, this is default state)


After setting the key the search scope is automatically limited to the view.

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