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Search from all versions in M-Files 2018
Posted by Jukka Kartano (M-Files) on 13 December 2019 09:00 AM

Enabling property definitions to be searched from all versions


In M-Files 2018 properties are not anymore searchable from all versions by default. In M-Files 2018 Admin you can change properties to be searchable from all version. For example to make past versions of object searchable by workflow state.

Open Workflow State property definition from M-Files Admin.
Metadata (Flat view) → Property Definitions → Show built-in property definitions → Right click "Workflow State" and pick properties.

Uncheck "Do not search for old object versions"

This needs to be done to all property definitions used in a view as grouping levels too.

Example: Creating a view that shows past versions


Once when we have changed all the property definitions that we need in a view we can create a view. Let's test this with a document called Interview that has been in two workflow states.

We need to create a view that targets workflow state "Job application received, awaiting review" which will apply to the version 3 of the document. Make sure "Look in all versions" is checked. Notice that if you add Workflow to Filters you also need to enable Workflow property definition to be searchable. In this case we only have Workflow State.

After creating the view open the view and you will find version 3 of the document Interview.

Example: Grouping levels

If we were to add a grouping level to the view for example group by Workflow and then open the view the Worfklow grouping level would be blank since property definition Workflow is not enabled to be searchable from previous versions.

Uncheck the "Do not search for old object versions" from Workflow.

We open the view and open virtual folder that is named "Processing job applications" as the view has documents that belong to that Workflow. Inside the virtual folder we find the document Interview version 8 with the correct workflow state.

Example: Multiple filters

When creating a view, all the properties used in a view as filter or grouping level need to be enabled for search in old object versions. In the below picture you'd need to uncheck "Do not search for old object versions" for 4 propery definitions. These are: Workflow State, Customer, Contact person and Workflow.

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