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M-Files Web Access: Export data to CSV file with Scandinavian letters
Posted by Toni Långsjö (M-Files) on 13 December 2019 12:28 PM

Overview / Work Notes

M-Files Web Access user may want to export data from view to CSV file. If there are Scandinavian letters (ä, ö or å) in the exported data, they will not be displayed correctly by default when opening file in Excel. Ä, ö and å are displayed as ä, ö and Ã¥, respectively. This is identified as an issue in Excel but there is a workaround to get Scandinavian letters displayed correctly.

Solution / Workaround

Perform following steps and you will get exported data with correct Scandinavian letters:

1) Download the exported CSV file.
2) Open Excel application.
3) Open a new file.
4) Click the Data Menu option.
5) Click "From Text" button.
6) Select the file you downloaded.
7) Select File Origin: "65001: Unicode (UTF-8)".
8) Check that “Comma” is at "Delimiter".
9) Proceed to Load.
10) Your excel file will be ready with all your data displayed correctly.

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