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The +/- do not act as search operator with M-Files Searches (from version 8 and greater)
Posted by on 12 July 2012 12:47 PM

Applies to:

  • M-Files  9, 10, 2015, 2015.1



Often users tend to do fast full text searches with operators '+' or '-', and expect that if they use '-' the results do not contain the words excluded from search.

However, as there are legimate phrases in different languages that include '-' at the beginning of a new word. In these cases we don't want to treat the '-' as a excluding control character. 

As a result, quick-searching in M-Files for "+"job application" -jonathan" in the sample vault does not work but produces Jonathan's job applications only.



We suggest the users to use Boolean search if they want to exclude or include words in the search.

Two examples:

  • NOT jonathan AND "job application" or
  • "job application" AND NOT "jonathan"


As a workaround, you can disable the language analyzer component by making a registry change. This, of course, will have an effect how searches are processed. The analyzer can be taken off per vault.

To disable or enable this functionality, you must edit the Windows registry.

If you are unsure, please contactyour IT support. Also remember to export the current registry settings before making any changes to existing registry.

You may need to add the setting to the registry as a new value, if it does not exist under the given key.


Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Motive\M-Files\VERSION_HERE\Server\MFServer\FullTextSearch\Vaults\(GUID)\

 Value Name: LanguageAnalyzersEnabled 

Data Type: REG_DWORD

Value Data: 1 (enabled), 0 (disabled)

Description: With this value you can disable the Language Analyzer from searches



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