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PRB: Task area removed shortcut link - how to restore
Posted by Timo Lahti (M-Files) on 17 October 2014 11:29 AM

Applies to:

  • M-Files Client (Desktop) 10.0 and above


  • Task area shortcut link removed / disappeared


More information:

This is something that gets asked from us time to time, so here'a a step-by-step how to recover from the situation, where the shortcut of Task Area has been accidentally removed or the name of it has been changed and the old shortcut has already been removed (by right-click > remove shortcut) by the user or by the administrator of the document vault/M-Files Server (for common settings).

The task area shortcuts are static links to the views, that do not follow the view naming dynamically.

So if the view name for the common view is changed, the shortcut name does not change along with that.

Therefore, you will need to remove the shortcut and then to add it again from the updated view name. 

In this example, the "Recently Accessed by me" link will get removed by a document vault administrator.


This is how the basic Task Area looks like at M-Files 10:

Original situation 


And after the link is removed, it looks like this:

Task Area link missing


To restore the missing link, open the "Other views" from the view area, and right-click on "Recently Selected by me" and select "Add to Task Area". 

Add to Task Area


Now, the link appears to the task area again. If this issue affected to more than just you, you can do the following as a document vault administrator to restore the link to everybody:




After this step, the task area settings are restored to the original state. 

For any questions regarding to this, you can contact us by submitting a ticket at


2014 M-Files Corporation Customer support

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