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Prevent M-Files from emptying "Assigned to" from workflow-generated assignments when the workflow state changes
Posted by Ville Karinen (M-Files) on 20 June 2016 09:40 AM

Starting from M-Files 2015.1, M-Files server clears the "Assigned to" property from assignments that were created in a workflow when the workflow state changes. To prevent M-Files server from removing the "Assigned to" value, add the following script to the same state that creates the assignment (State Actions > Run Script):

Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.RemoveProperty ObjVer, 79

79 is the numeric ID of "Workflow Assignment" property definition. The script above causes the "Workflow assignment" link from the object to the new assignment to be cleared, and as a result M-Files will not touch the assignment when the object moves to the next state. The assignment object still points to the main object as expected.

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