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Frequently Asked Questions : M-Color

DOWNLOAD LINKS You can download M-Color 9.9 using the following links: English: M-Color 9.9.571.0 (English) [] German: M-Color 9.9.571.0 (German) [
LATAUSLINKIT Voit ladata M-Color 9.9:n seuraavista linkeistä: Suomi: M-Color 9.9.571.0 (suomi) [] Englanti: M-Color 9.9.571.0 (englanti) [
WINDOWS SERVER AS M-COLOR LICENSE SERVER Although Windows server platforms are not officially tested, the M-Color license server seem to be working well with them. The used Server version should use the same kernel as the M-Color compatible Desktop versi...
M-Color 9 Käsikirja PDF-tiedostona (4 Mb)
M-Color 9 User's Manual in PDF format (3,9 Mb)
Version 1.0 | Last Updated February 7, 2019 1     OVERVIEW Having M-Color and AutoCAD installed, and installing a new AutoCAD version, the M-Color menu is not automatically added to the menu bar. Alternatively, M-Color menu does not automatically appea...
SUMMARY This article contains details on how to install a new M-Color license server or how to migrate you license server to a new server machine ACTIONS When you are installing M-Color license server for the first time or migrating your M-Color lic...
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